Thanks so much to the many lovely parents who have supported me throughout my years as a teacher. A few of them have kindly consented to provide testimonials.

Jacquie Mayne


Kate Pilmoor is the reason my son began to like school.

For kindy and pre-primary my son did not enjoy school - tears every morning of kindy, getting into trouble for accidentally bumping into people, sitting under the desk by the end of the day.

He is the youngest of 4 children and seemed confident and bright, but quite sensitive and very hard on himself for any errors. So this made it hard for him to make mistakes as he was learning.

Kate was the first person at school that really seemed to 'get' him, and like him! She was understanding and kind, firm when it was appropriate, and encouraging. She knew his behaviour was about lack of confidence, and concern about not getting it right.

I really believe my son would have begun to see himself as dumb, not fitting in, and generally disengaging from school, if not for Kate helping him to enjoy learning.

Veronica Madge


We were fortunate to have Kate as our son's teacher at Lathlain Primary School.

She was able to build a rapport with him that few others had until that time. She taught him to respect himself as well as others (including teachers) and he still refers to her as his favourite teacher! Kate has a beautiful big heart and loves her work. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Lisal Covell


Kate has helped my son develop socially and intellectually from preprimary-yr3.

A truly gifted person with a capacity to know exactly what kids are thinking, and to bring them out of their shells & up to their activities.

Thank you for all that you do, kids absolutely love you!